Brass & Wind Ensembles
Audition Requirements

GMYS 23-24 Auditions 

Saturday, Aug 26, 2023

Sunday, Aug 27, 2023

Location and Times TBA

Young Sousas Band

B-flat concert scale and F concert scale, 1 octave.

1 prepared piece, more than 8 measures long.

Students will be asked to sight-read


  • In order to audition into Concert Band, the student must be able to play:
    • 2 contrasting pieces
      • 1 lyrical
      • 1 technical
    • 1-octave Bb major, C major, G major scales
    • One 2-octave chromatic scale (concert F – F)
    • 2-octave F major scale
    • Sight reading

Jazz Band

Students will play a prepared jazz standard and a prepared Bb blues tune (Autumn Leaves), improvisation is optional.

Student will play 4 major scales.

Finally, the student will sight-read 1 piece.

Download your part for Autumn Leaves Below

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