Strings Ensembles

Young Mozarts Orchestra

1-2 years of experience required.

Young Mozarts is our beginner orchestra for string players. Our Young Mozarts Orchestra is perfect for developing student musicianship, technique, and independent learning skills. Students will learn about the fundamentals of music in a safe and fun environment.

Strings Orchestra

2-4 years of experience required.

Strings Orchestra is our intermediate I orchestra for string players who have progressed beyond Young Mozarts Orchestra. Our Strings Orchestra works with students to develop their reading ability and increase their repertoire. Our classes will help them to hone their skills on their instruments and in an ensemble. Students will develop their musical ability and their independent learning and higher order thinking skills.

Concert Orchestra

Intermediate – advanced experience required.

Concert Orchestra is our intermediate II orchestra for string players who have graduated past our Preparatory Strings Program, Young Mozarts Orchestra and String Orchestra Programs. Rehearsals concentrate on advanced instrumental technical and expressive skills in an inclusive, ensemble-focused setting. Our classes are designed to develop advanced reading skills, ensemble skills, and individual technique and musicality.

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