Give Miami Day

Give Miami Day Returns November 16, 2023!

What is Give Miami Day?
Give Miami Day is an online giving period across all of Miami-Dade County that takes place on November 16th, 2023. 

We would be so appreciative to have your supportAny donation, whether large or small, makes a huge difference!  

How is donating on Give Miami Day different from a normal donation? 
Give Miami Day offers you the opportunity to multiply your donation! Throughout the day, you’ll be able to donate during specific times to take advantage of “Timed Prizes” and “Match Minutes” for the chance to have your donation MULTIPLIED, thanks to corporate sponsors who graciously match gifts during Give Miami Day! 


What is Early Giving?

Early Giving dates for Give Miami Day are November 14-16 and can be done using our Give Miami Day link above. The main purpose of the Early Giving period is to give increased flexibility to many nonprofits and donors who may not be able to get all of their donations in during the 24 hours of Give Miami Day. Many nonprofits have had successful “pledge card” campaigns, where they collect gift information (name, address, credit card) from donors in the weeks ahead of Give Miami Day. Note: Eligible Early Giving donations (gifts between $25-$10K) will still qualify for the general Bonus Pool.


What is a pledge?

If you would like to secure your donation without worrying about getting to our staff on time, filling out the pledge form is a safe and secure way to let us handle the inputting! 

GMYS is collecting pledged donations at any time prior to the Early Giving period and Give Miami Day. Please note that all pledged donations will still need to be entered into either during the Early Giving period, (November 13th – 15th) or on Give Miami Day (Nov 16th). 

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