Martha De La Cruz

Somerset Literacy Teacher


I am a mother of four kids, three girls and one boy of the ages of seven, five, three, and one. I love spending time with them, playing and learning from them. My inspiration to teach began at a young age. I constantly knew that teaching would be my future career. As a child, I always loved to motivate my young peers and wanted to be a successful leader.

I am usually described as an outgoing individual. I tend to have a bubbly, creative, and compassionate personality. I am also a responsible and, determined person. My goal is to keep inspiring young students and mold them into the leaders of tomorrow. 

The success of a child is imperative to me simply because their success means the world to me. Teaching is my passion and I carry these valuable components wherever I am in life. I want to become a teacher who young children look up to, someone who children can trust, who will always “go the extra mile” to ensure their success.

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