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Main Ensembles Requiring Auditions

Young Mozarts Orchestra

This is our beginner orchestra for string players. 

String Orchestra

Our intermediate I orchestra for string players who have progressed beyond our Young Mozarts Orchestra.

Young Sousas Band

Our beginner band ensemble includes brass and wind players.

Concert Orchestra

Our intermediate II orchestra is for string players who have graduated past our Young Mozarts and String Orchestra Programs, and brass and wind players who have graduated from Young Sousas.

Concert Band

This is our intermediate band ensembles for Brass and wind players who have progressed beyond our Young Sousas program. Our Concert Band members also participate in a full orchestra ensemble as members of our Concert Orchestra.

Junior and Varsity Jazz Band

These are our intermediate and advanced Jazz bands. Audition music is based on the concert band music requirements.

Symphony Orchestra

This is our advanced, flagship orchestra encompassing string, brass and wind players. Members of our Symphony Orchestra have auditioned and been accepted. They play at the highest level of all our ensembles

Symphony Orchestra seating auditions and move-up auditions will be by appointment only. Please email, or call 305-667-4069 to schedule your appointment once the dates are posted.

Audition Requirements

Young Mozarts Orchestra

G, D and C Major Scales 1 or 2 Octaves

Any Prepared solo piece from Suzuki or Method Book

Sight Reading

Concert Orchestra

Violin: 2 Oct A Major Scale + Arpeggio, 3 Oct G- Major + Arpeggio

Viola, Cello: 2 Oct D Major Scale + Arpeggio, 3 Oct C Major + Arpeggio

Bass: 2 Oct D Major (Open D to Open E) + Arpeggio, 2 Oct G Major Scale + Arpeggio

A short solo piece demonstrating mastery of instrument such as a piece at or above the Suzuki Book 4/5 level.
Students should be prepared to Sight-Read.

Varsity Jazz Band

The student will play a jazz swing standard. Optional improv will consist of Bb Blues.

The student will then play two major scales and two blues scales.

The student will then sight-read a piece.

Young Sousas Band

B-flat concert scale and F concert scale, 1 octave.

1 prepared piece, more than 8 measures long.

Students will be asked to sight-read

Concert Band

Winds, Brass, Percussion: 2 contrasting pieces, one 2 octave chromatic scale, one 2 octave B flat major scale or F-major scale

Students may be asked to sight-read.

Junior Jazz Band

Students will play a prepared jazz standard and a prepared Bb blues tune (Autumn Leaves), improvisation is optional.

Student will play 4 major scales.

Finally, the student will sight-read 1 piece.

Download your part for Autumn Leaves Below

String Orchestra

Violin, Viola, Cello: 2 Octaves scales and arpeggio (Choose 1)
A Major, G Major, C Major, Bb Major, and one octave F Major
If auditioning for 1st Violin: D Major Scale and arpeggio

Bass: 1 Octave scales and arpeggio
A Major, G Major, C Major, D Major, Bb Major, and F Major

1st Violin: 1 Piece from the Suzuki Book 3 or equivalent and D Major Scale and arpeggio

2nd Violin: 1 Piece from middle of Suzuki 2 or equivalent

Viola, Cello, Bass: 1 Piece from middle of Suzuki book 2 to book 3


  • If any current String student from the 2nd violin section would like to audition for the 1st violin section, these are also the requirements for these students.
  • Seating auditions for the whole orchestra will be on the second rehearsal during the 2020-2021 Fall Season.

Symphony Orchestra

Students will be expected to play scales, arpeggios and sightread. Students will also prepare a solo piece of their choice along with the following piece – Academic Festival Overture (Brahms) available for download below.